Cakes of Late


I've taken to baking. Not for myself, but for others. And for a few select events, birthdays, and miscellaneous parties, I've made some pretty delicious cakes lately.

It all began with a pistachio-rose-cardamom cake with saffron-vanilla bean buttercream frosting, and topped with rose petals, pistachios, and pomegranate seeds:

and, on the same day, a vegan and gluten-free lavender-lemon cheesecake:

A few weeks later, it was my sister's birthday, she wanted something fruity, and a salted-honey orange cake emerged from my oven. This one I topped with a orange-blossom buttercream icing, candied orange slice, sprinkles, poppy seeds, and small little candied orange peel nubbins that I punched (by hand!) from an orange peel.

And I brought the cake-making to Providence, where my friend Grace's friend's brother was having a birthday party, and knowing nothing other than that he liked "spicy cake", we made a chili-chocolate-tamarind cake with vanilla buttercream, marbled on top with dulce de leche, and embellished with candied hibiscus flower, chiles, and achiote.