The culminating project for the MFA Designer as Author & Entrepreneur program at SVA is the creation of a design-driven venture and all this entails: ethnographic research, competitive analysis, value proposition design, product design, user testing, identity, business design, marketing, etc. Final branding, product, and business strategies are laid out in a live investor pitch, and accompanying pitch book.

I emerged from the program with Amblers — a lifestyle brand that transforms everyday walks into opportunities for rejuvenation and delight. United by an airy, clever, and quietly confident identity, Amblers encompasses a suite of products and services that infuse the simple act of walking with playfulness and presence of mind to create unexpected and refreshing experiences on foot.

Advisor: Peter Buchanan-Smith
Design: Audrey Stanton

Book spread with table of contents. Book spread with Amblers branding guidelines (logo).
Book spread with Amblers branding guidelines (colors). Book spread with Amblers branding guidelines (illustration).
Woman holding iPad outdoors with Amblers website and walking prompt sign-up dialog.
Photograph of man playing instrument, overlaid with walking prompt: "On your Ambles today, listen to each distinct sound around you. Where do they originate?" Photograph of repeated machinery, overlaid with walking prompt: "Look for sets of identical objects today. Identify small details that differentiate them."
Hand holding box of Walkways cards.
Hands holding open box with stack of Walkways cards.
Walkways cards combinations creating walking prompts, e.g. "Walk into the unexplored / Peer into open windows".
Book spread with audience sizing graphic. Book spread with competitive analysis matrix.
Book spread with value exchange diagram.
Photograph of legs walking on grate, overlaid with Amblers logo.