Destroyed Film

For a long time, I had my film developed at the drugstore. Once I began developing rolls in my bathroom, I was freed from the ever-skeptical photo counter interrogation (“You did what to this roll of film?!”), and was able to experiment — scratching, submerging, and shooting to my heart’s content.

Whether soaked in gin, dish soap, or worcestershire sauce, the photographs of my ongoing Destroyed Film series are unpredictable and ethereal in their destruction and coloring. With no particular attention paid to perfection, the scanned negatives are embellished with dust and fingerprints, giving an even more analogue feel to the final images, which have been featured in various exhibitions and publications.

Trees on snowy mountain against a blue sky.
Blurred and textured view of trees against light sky.
Blurred and abstracted image of a bridge over water.
Man reflected in a purple-ish puddle.
Power lines against a clear sky, with blotches of discoloration on the film.
Distorted abstract image of a digital screen.
A man's hands rest on his knees, with water in the background.
BMX biker mid-jump, with octopus image alongside the ramp.
Three members of Patrick Davy and the Ghosts against gray sky.
Five people, cropped from waist down, walking across a large grate.
Pink and white flowers against dark green background.