The Timepeace clock was developed through an investigation into the psychologies of uncertainty and time. Through various stages of research, prototyping, and feedback, its purpose and philosophy evolved alongside its appearance.

The final design is CNC routed from MDF, hand-spackled, -primed, and -painted. With a simple geometric black-and-white aesthetic and continuous sweep quartz movement, the clock presents little discernible information. The ambiguity of its face prompts us to view time as something other than an absolute, and encourages us to live more freely in the present.

Design: Audrey Stanton
Instructor: Allan Chochinov

Timepeace clock hanging on the wall in an empty classroom.
Close-up photo of Timepeace clock on classroom wall.
Timepeace clock on wall at night with girl reading book on bed beside it.
Close-up photos of the front of the Timepeace clock. Close-up photos of the back of the Timepeace clock.
Mock-up of subway ad displaying Timepeace logo and text reading 'Take a minute to relax. Then take another.'